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Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the faves on  Water Weight
Lacy was pretty sure that she had the lamest super power ever when she had first developed the ability in middle school after the flash that had given a third of all the females on the planet some sort of extra ability. In the beginning she was just able to absorb water at will. If she absorbed enough of it she got puffy and swelled up.
It really was a pretty stupid ability at first, but later she learned how to absorb water then redirect it and kind of shoot water from her fingertips. Then she was able to apply pressure to it and use it as a kind of weapon. The last trick that she learned was how to absorb water and control where it was stored.
As it turned out that was the most useful skill in Lacy’s eyes, mainly because it allowed her to shape shift in minor ways. That was really just a selfish ability though. She used it trick people or get guys. She could look heavier, bustier, or some times for certain guys she could shift it to her rear end.
Since her power was deemed to b
The Spilled Milk Wish: Price of a Wish
Brittany awoke in her bed. Her chest was unbelievably sore. Almost as if it had been stretched beyond measure and then snapped back into place by force. She tried to sit up quickly and almost fainted from the pain.
“Easy there Britt” She heard coming from the corner of her room.
Brittany now knew she wasn’t alone and a little fear rippled through her mind as she struggled to sit up. “Who’s there” she asked hoping whoever it was would be nice enough to answer her. She couldn’t understand why her room was so dark, or why she couldn’t sit up.
“Just be easy Britt, it me Raven. You have had a really rough few days.”
Oh shit I’ve been out cold for days. Her mind started racing but it was mostly just spinning it’s wheels since she couldn’t remember anything since her birthday party. The Party was on Friday. What day is it?
“What did you guys to to me that I have been passed out and missed the entire weekend.
fleetingSanity Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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Thanks for the fave on The Curses: Motherhood
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Thanks very much for faving the interview I did with Alazar.  I hope you enjoyed the picture and reading the interview  :)
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